"Egaa dhaqaa, maqaa Abbaatii fi Ilmaatti, kan hafuura Qulqulluutti isaan cubuudhaan, saba hundumaa bartoota koo godhaa" Matt. 28:19

Brief over view of the Oromo Diaspora

The factors for exile and dispersion of the Oromo people around the world are mainly related to the long standing sociopolitical and economic crisis of the Ethiopian state. Despite being the majority, since the turn of the 19th century the Oromo people suffer under the predatory political culture of the Ethiopian state; the culture that is mainly the sources of the miseries its people, wars, hunger and human rights violations by which the Ethiopian state is often characterized.

Especially, since the early 1970’s thousands of Oromos have been leaving their country and seek refuge in neighboring countries and Western World because of the persistence deprivation of the basic human rights, political instability and economic crises that has continued to the present day. As a result, when the Christian Oromos became refugees and settled in different countries and cities of the world, they started prayer groups, fellowships, and churches in their own language. Today, the Oromo speaking congregations and Fellowships exist in Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America.

The United Oromo Evangelical Churches was founded in 1998, in Washington DC. All the Oromo Speaking Christian Churches and fellowships around the World came together and established this union as international co-coordinating office to unite existing and future Oromo congregations around the world for mission.