"Egaa dhaqaa, maqaa Abbaatii fi Ilmaatti, kan hafuura Qulqulluutti isaan cubuudhaan, saba hundumaa bartoota koo godhaa" Matt. 28:19

Who we are

From the beginning, the primary aim of the establishment of the UOEC is to provide assistance to the Diaspora Oromo Christians in their effort to organize Christian fellowships around the world. Today there are more than forty five Oromo speaking congregation from small fellowships to five hundred members’ big congregations serving the Diaspora Oromo communities throughout Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and different refuges sites in Africa.    

The Diaspora Oromo Churches see themselves as mission posts, rooted in the tradition of pioneer evangelical church fathers and mothers like Onesimos Nasib and Aster Gano, hence committed to supporting evangelistic endeavors in their home country of origin, Oromia, as well as refuge sites like Kenya, Sudan, and Djibouti in Africa. One of the main purposes of the UOEC is to support, guide and networking these congregations that they carry out their outreach efforts effectively by pulling resources to gather. 

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