"Egaa dhaqaa, maqaa Abbaatii fi Ilmaatti, kan hafuura Qulqulluutti isaan cubuudhaan, saba hundumaa bartoota koo godhaa" Matt. 28:19

UOEC Statement of recent killing of morte than 20 Ethiopians in Libiya by the Islamic State ( ISIS)

We are dismayed and deeply saddened over the recent killing of more than 28 Ethiopian Christians in Libya by the Islamic State (ISIS).

On behalf of all worldwide Oromo Speaking Evangelical Churches we express that we firmly stand in solidarity with our brothers in Christ who were inhumanly slain for the sake of their faith. We are horrified by this horrible and inhumane violence inflicted on these innocent immigrant Ethiopian Christians and that we strongly denounce and condemn any ideology that condones and celebrates murder and torture. 

Such abominable violence in a name of a religion is exclusively alien to all Ethiopians and Eritreans of all faith traditions who have lived in respectful co-existence for centuries in all the hard times of our history. We decry this atrocity of the ISIS ideologues against Christians, and at the same time appeal to all international community not to remain silent but take concrete steps to insure human rights protection of Ethiopian Christian migrants and refugees trapped in Libya, and other conflict regions like Yemen and South Africa.

We also call on the Ethiopian government to take timely responsible actions to protect the right and dignity of its own citizens in cooperation with international communities, at the same revisits its own economic and political policies to stop mass migration that is costing the life of thousands of Ethiopian. Like many thousands before them, these young Ethiopian has taken such a precarious journey through the most dangerous roads in the hope for a better and more dignified life, which they couldn’t find in their own homeland.  

We ask Ethiopian of all faith traditions, to keep praying with solid ecumenical solidarity, and work together in securing those Ethiopian refugees trapped in conflict areas, including Yemen and South Africa.   

We also convey our heartfelt condolences to the families of our slain friends. May the God of all grace comforts them during these hard days.

Peace and blessings upon you,

Rev. Dr. Gemechu Olana,

UOEC President