"Egaa dhaqaa, maqaa Abbaatii fi Ilmaatti, kan hafuura Qulqulluutti isaan cubuudhaan, saba hundumaa bartoota koo godhaa" Matt. 28:19

Join us for Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Join us for Ecumenical Advocacy Days
Annual National Gathering & Congressional Lobby Day

April 21-24, 2017 Washington, D.C.
Africa Track Workshop: Oromo/Ethiopia

“Confronting a Triple Threat in Ethiopia:
The role of faith-based conflict resolution practices in Oromia, Amhara and Other Regions of Ethiopia”

— predatory development polices –  systemic discrimination – militarism —

A roundtable workshop will highlight the role of three faith communities committed to conflict resolution among major populations and communities in Ethiopia, where widespread peaceful protests over land dispossession and marginalization have been met with state violence. Speakers will discuss alternative approaches to conflict resolution, justice administration and peacebuilding based on the views and experiences of faith-based communities Christian, Muslim, and Oromo traditional spiritual values with strong creation care practices. The workshop will explore new strategies for moving the parties and the dialogue process forward. Read more